Monday, December 5, 2011

12-5-11.....Day 5

‎12-5-11.....Heaven is 5 days into the Chemo treatments...the Dr's came in this morning and checked her out. So far she has had 16 treatments with 5 more days to go. She has lost 2 pounds of the 3 she had gained. But her counts look good, her platelets are up, her WBC are down which is usual for this, the Dr. is very pleased with her progress so far and so are we. The Lord has shown us His power s...o much while here...We am so thankful that we have someone that we can go to for strength and grace. Also, please pray that her eating will pick up and that ehr taste buds won't be bother anymore by this. Thanks again fromt he bottom of our hearts to all of you who have offered up prayers, encouraging words and also who have helped financially. May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you all.

-----The Dr. just came in and let me know that she is in the Low Risk catagory!!!!!! Glory to God on High!!!!

----- Heaven is getting her 2nd Chemo treatment right will lst for 30 minutes....then she will have 2 others after this one. Keep praying!!

----- This evening Heaven was able to go to the top of the Hospital on the Helicopter Landing Pad, then she got to go outide to see the CHRISTmas tree that is decorated up here....then we got to hear a group that came through and played CHRISTmas songs on hand bells. So pretty and peaceful sounding they were. So glad we will be home for CHRISTmas.

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