Sunday, December 18, 2011

12-18-11.....Things are looking a lil' better

12-18-11.....Heaven slept very soundly last night, but she did have to have a 1/2 dose of the morphine due to her throat, but other than that, she slept good. Today we will be getting her to eat on her own...she has went 24 hours without a fever which is wonderful news but now she has to get to where she will eat and if her blood counts keep climbing.....we can go to the house for a copuple of weeks before were back in here for the 2nd phase of the chemo.
We did get her up yesterday to walk around and she did great....we are going ot do that again today, several times, so there will be a lot going on here today at the hospital.
We would like to thank Jesus today for His mercy and His grace that He has shown to us in the last 24 days, Christ is so dear to our hearts and we love Him so much for all our blessings. I pray that there will soon be a cure for cancer for I know that Christ has the power to make it happen, but only in His timing and until then, we, as a family, will trust and continue to lean on Him and serve Him like never before. He has been so gracious to thus far and the strength He has given this family is out of this world. Thanks you Lord for your blessing on all of us. <3 to all.

Heaven has gotten up and walked the floors for the 2nd time today. She ate 3 bites of chocolate pudding and she now has a big bottle of chocolate milk for later. We are pushing her to do this and she is taking it well. All the nurses love it when they see her coming down the hall becaue she has made so much progress in the last couple of days. Thank you Lord for the strength you are giving her and please keep your healing hand upon her.

I would just like to take a moment to thank my Lord and Saviour for a BIG BLESSING that He has just blessed us with.....
Several churches have come together and have raised enough money for 2 HEPA Filters for the house. PRAISE GOD!!!!! I sure wish you all could feel what we are now feeling inside. This was the biggest thing that was needed and the Lord stepped in and showed us HIS power and what HE is capable of doing for His children.
We would like to send out a heart felt thank you for each and every person that had a hand in the huge blessing from above. Thank you all so much and may our Lord and Saviour bless you all so very much <3

Thank you so much from the Cobler Family

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