Monday, December 12, 2011


‎12-12-11.....Heaven slept well last night.....this morning at 7:45 her temp was back up to 101.5. The Dr.s are going to keep an eye on her blood work today so they can see if they can find out whats going on.
I would like to ask that everyone please remember that we have 3 other daughters and I want them to continue to feel that they are still dear and close to my heart and that they are still special to me and dad. So I guess what I am asking is that maybe you could send them a card or something else to let them know that prayers are going up for them as well. If you need the address please message me for the information. They need encouragment also. Thank you all and may Christ richly bless you.
 I'd like to ask everyone to please pray for Heaven's friend Aaron Harmon, we just received word that his mother has passed away...Heaven is sadden about this because his mom had planned to bring him to visit her. He lost his father several years ago and I know htat this is devistating to him.
Update::::Heaven just had to be given 2 ml of Morphine because the inside of her mouth is so raw with ulcers due to the chemo. Please pray for her, she is one tough lil' cookie, she held out for so long before they had to do this. Actually since friday.

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