Sunday, December 11, 2011


‎12-11-12.....14 days later Heaven had her last Chemo treatment for this phase giving a grand total of 32 treatments and this morning around 7 a.m. Heavens temp spiked to 101.9 so that puts us at tomorrow morning...her temp spiked again early this morning around 3 a.m. to 103 and she was having abdominal pains also that wound up with a little diarrehia(sp?)....that was before her last chemo treatm...ent. She is resting good right now considering the night she has had. Dr. Fisher should be coming in anytime to let us know whats gonna take place.
Please continue to pray not only for us here but also for her sisters that are at home and missing her dearly. Also, pray for her appetite...its hard for her to eat becasue everything has the taste of metal (due to the chemo) and therefore she isn't eating much.
Love and Thanks to all. Will keep you all updated.


Update from Dr. Fisher...dispite all that has went on,.where Heaven is she is doing very good. She is now sitting in bed watching Polar Express...she is getting her antibiotics so she has to wait about 30 more minutes before she can shower.
Also, Heaven has been asking about skating...well, Dr. Fisher didn't say no but, she does not recommend it as of right now, she says that itw ould be better to wait until after this is all over with because...if she falls she could easily break a bone and if that will not heal and she will then have a lifetime of pain. So skating right now will not be worth the chance.
Here is an update also on her blood counts.....

WBC-- 0.5
RBC-- 2.6
Hemoglobin-- 7.9
Hematacrit-- 22.5
Platelets-- 27

ANC-- 100 or lower

Also, where her siblings are half-siblings...the chances of them being a match in the case that a bone marrow transplant is needed is very slim.But we know that God is in control and were not crossing any bridges unless we need to.

We will keep everyone updated as we gather the info ourselves. To God be the Glory

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