Thursday, December 29, 2011

12-29-11.....Nurse day for taking labs

12-29-11.....The Home nurse jsut left and Heaven has gained 1 1/2 pounds....YAY!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!! Glory to God!!!!! Her BP was good, her temps was good, her Oxygen was good, adn now we are waiting to hear about what her blood counts are. Keep praying.....dont' stop. Will update when counts come in.

Attn::::: Preacher Larry, Dennis, my Momma Brenda and any others...I'd liek to let you know that when Heaven and I go back to Roanoke that you all are invited to come by anytime you'd like to sing. We'd love to hear ya and maybe even some of the other patients too. Well, anyways we can leave our room door open so everyone can hear. Thought I'd invite ya. Love you all <3
OK at 10:40 a.m.the nurse just called with some good news!!!!!!!

Update on Blood Counts:::::
WBC--- 1.7.......up from 1.2
Hemoglobins---8.2.....up from 7.9
Hematacrits--- 22.4.....up from 21.7
and this next one is such a blessing.....
Platelets---60.....up from 17.....

Glory to God and all Praise goes directly to Him. Yes, Gloria Wolfe Helms, your right, Jesus is taking good care of her ♥ Thank you Lord. Please continue to pray and also we have another prayer request ask of all of you. Pray that there will be an increase of the Chemo that is being produced.....the Dr's told us while we were at the hospital that there is a shortage NATIONWIDE...saying that pharmeceuticals aren't producing as much, for some weird reason.

Anyways, if you can, make that a matter of prayer also. We love and thank you all for all you have done. ♥


Just received a call fom the Carilion Clinic and we need specific prayer though for her ANC number to go up. What this is, is they multiply the white blood count by the nutrafill numbers that help fight infection. Her ANC number is 100 and needs to be 1000 and her Platelets need to be 75 for her to begin the next phase of chemo and also to have the surgery she needs to place the port, the bone marrow biopsy and the lumber puncture...please pray with us this specific prayer. Christ is able and will make this happen if we all pray together. Thanks again and ♥ to all.

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