Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Went Visiting

‎5-2-12...Today Myself, Samantha & Heaven went to visit with my oldest daughter Alexandra and her little girl Kynsie. We were going to take a small trip throught the woods to go and hang out at the creek for a bit but instead...we got stuck inthe mud (see pics in album) but we made it fun anyways. I was trying to pull the cart while Samantha was trying to push...we didn't get anywhere, so Alex called in reinforcements and within 10 minutes we were free. Yay!!! During all this Heaven became very hot and tired to the point where she had to sit down but she was a trooper while holding Kynsie.
Thanks for the ride Alex...we'll do it again but not right after it rains. LoL. Thanks for the great time with my girls Lord... we really enjoyed it.

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