Monday, May 14, 2012

Labs today....

5-14-12.....Today was lab drawing day,,,but...not a good one. The 1st home nurse cam by to draw labs and after 2 trys (she twisted the needle on the first try) and no blood, and heaven crying by this point...she had to stop. So I called Cindy and told her how the other nurse couldn't get any blood drawn and so she came by and in less than 2 minutes she had the needle in, the vile hooked up & filled, and in the bag for processing. Only bad thing is...Cindy will not be working for the company after Friday so...that means that when labs are needed, we will head over to Franklin Memorial for labs, I can't have a nervous nurse in the house trying to draw labs from a child with leukemia. So the results came in from the labs and they are as follows...
I am asking all my family and friends to please begin to fervently pray specifically that Heavens numbers will come back to a normal range so that she won't have to have labs drawn twice a week and so she can start to lead a normal life again as a beautiful 12 yr. old that she is. Lord, I ask that you touch her body so these numbers will come back right where they need to be normally. I thank You for all You have done so far for her and our family. Please Lord, I pray. Love to all.

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