Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

‎5-13-12.....Haven't posted in a couple of days since we have been busy with some family things. So anyways, Heaven has been feeling pretty good and then she gets tired. She felt pretty good yesterday so we were able to go and watch her sister Kayla play Softball and they won Yay!!! 13-6, they are now 4 and 1. Keep kicking butt girly. Then afterwards we went to Bojangles to get some lunch and then... back to the field so Heaven could root for 2 of her friends Chloe and Miranda...they tied. Good game though. Miranda came home with us and spent the night and part of today with Heaven.
The Home Nurse will be coming by tomorrow to draw labs and then we will see where we will go from there. Last Thursdays labs we good and bad....her wbc was still 1.4, her hemos. were 9.9, her hemas. were 27.5, her platelets we 57 (but she was tranfused just 2 days before that) her anc went from 0.065 to 0.020. I am asking that you all please conitue to pray for her and that these counts will come on back up where they need to be. Lord thank you for keeping watch over her and I pray that she will be able to be her old self again soon. Thank you Lord for my kids that you have blessed me with. ♥ To all the Mothers, I hope you all have a beautiful day with your children and families. ♥

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