Thursday, May 3, 2012

Labs Drawn, Probably Heading back Tomorrow

5-3-12.....The home nurse came by this morning and drew labs. Heaven has gained 1 whole pound, she is now 103. I guess Mac'nCheese can add the weight. Anyways her counts came back as follows.....
So the way the numbers look, we will be heading to Roanoke tomorrow for another transfusion of platelets. If the H&H stay up we will be good on blood but if not we will have to go back agin for more. Also, I was blessed to be able to baby-sit my grandbaby Kynsie and after a little while she was laid back in the recliner with her bottle, I turned my back and BAM!!! she hits the floor face first, I feel so bad, she has rug burn on her nose. Poor baby, I know she will be o.k.
Forgot to add.....Make-A-Wish called and we have a date for Heavens wish which will be Aug. 6th --9th. We will be heading to Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnisota, where Heaven will receive the shopping spree of her dreams. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. ♥
Update::: I talked with the RN at the Clinic, We do not have to go to Roanoke tomorrow for a transfusion. She told me that Heavens Dr.'s were excited to see that she did have a small ANC of 0.065, so they are going to wait on the transfusion of platelets, take her off the antibiotic on Monday, draw yet another cbc, and see if her body is going to rebound on its own. Please continue to pray, these numbers are so important. ♥ you all

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