Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lab Draws tears today...Amen

‎5-24-12.....Wow how this month has flown by. We are getting ready to head to Franklin Memorial to have more labs drawn to see if Heavens counts have risen any more. Please pray that they can get a draw the first go round. Her arms are so sore where she has been pricked so much the last 2 weeks. Also, continue to pray for Emili as she was in isolation on tuesday when we went to visit and it sadden... me that I couldn't go in a chat with her...she looked so weak. I also ask that you pray for another little girl here local that is having low blood counts, fevers, and a raw mouth and her dr. is putting it off beings the little girl is a picky eater. I begged the g-mother yesterday to have her daughter to take her little girl to go and get a 2nd and 3rd opinion for this is nothing to play around with. I thnk some of these childrens dr.'s need to go back to school and learn the symptoms of cancer in children becasue it affects them differently that adults. Thank you Lord for all your loving kindness that you have shown us and for all of our wonderful group of prayer warriors you have set before us. ♥ to all.

O.K. the results are in.....Before we left for Franklin Mem. Heaven had me to put "emla cream" (numbing agent) on both her hands so that when she was stuck it wouldn't hurt as bad. With that said.....we made it to the hospital and waited fo...r about 2 minutes and we were called back to where they draw the labs. Well one of the nurses that was there when Heaven had a fever spell right after her 2nd round of chemo was working. She jsut went on at how heaven looked so much better than she did the last time she had seen her and then she seen me wiping the "emla" off her hands and she asked why we did that and Heaven told her that that way it wouldn't hurt as bad when she got stuck. Well, the nurse then said "honey all we have to do is prick your finger cause all you need is a CBC done." Heaven and I both almost fell out in the floor for we haven't been told that before. She has had only CBC's done and at other times a CBC & BMP (complete blood count & basic metabolic panel) so with both they had to draw a larger amount. So Heaven definately went with a finger prick and for the first time in 2 weeks she didn't cry from pain. Praise the Lord!!! Afterwards, we went to Goodwill and then the dreaded (wallyworld) lol. Next week though we are going to the Goodwill in Moneta...a kind lady at the hospital was telling us great things about that one, so the girls and I are taking a day trip next week.

Please continue to pray for her counts as her H&H have dropped yet again. Here are her results.....
wbc---2.0.....normal range is 4.0 to 10.5
rbc---2.79.....normal range is 4.1 to 5.1
hemo---7.9.....normal range is 12.0 to 16.0
hema---22.4.....normal range is 36 to 46
platelet---18.....normal range 130 to 400
anc--- was 59 on Monday so it is probably about 62 today

Again, we thank each and everyone that is praying for Heaven and our family. Please dont' stop as the devil hasn't stopped fighting us...he is throwing everything he has at our family. Continue to pray for strength and grace upon each of us and we will continue to pray for each of you. Lord thank you for this circle of prayer warriors and we pray that you bless each with their individual needs, from the youngest to the oldest. ♥

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