Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Counts need to come up....

‎5-9-12...Well, we made it to the Clinic in Roanoke and back jsut fine. Heaven received 1 unit of platelets, (puts her at 22 units) the Home Nurse will be here tomorrow to draw more labs, Heaven was also taken off the Antibiotic, so we are now waiting to see if these platelets are going to rise again on their own. Its been 5 week or so since her last Chemo treatment and her counts haven't gotten back to a normal range yet. I am trying my best to keep her isolated and not around a whole lot of people due to the fact that she wouldn't even be able to handle the common cold right now. Thank you Lord for keeping her safe thus far, I owe it all to you Lord. Thank you to everyone else that has prayed for our family. ♥ to all. It was good to see some of the guys from the Sons of Thunder and also had a great time having lunch with my Mom, Dad, Larry, Otis and all the others on Sunday.....thanks for the laughs, we certainly needed them. :)

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