Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heading To Roanoke for more Blood

5-1-12.....Wow, May is already here and then before you know we will be playing CHRISTmas songs again. Time certainly is flying. Anyways, we are getting ready to leave for Roanoke here in a few for Heaven to receive 2 more blood transfusions. Please pray for safe travels as at this time of day the roads are very busy. We are also planning on going to the Community Hospital to visit with Emili Gomez, and to try and to encourage her to give it her all while taking physcal therapy. ♥ to all and Lord, again I thank You for Your strength, mercy and grace.

Enjoy this day for it is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.
We made it to the Hem/Onc Clinic but not without a bunch of nuts ont he road. One cut us off on the bypass and then began weaving back and forth for about a couple miles then we were 5 minutes away from the hospital and the vehicle in front of the one in front of us decided...I need to turn here and slams on brakes which makes the vehicle in forn to f us slam on the brakes and then i pressed on the brakes for thank God we weren't right ont he vehicle in front of us. We went to the Peds floor after labs were drawn to visit while the Dr.s are doing the cross-match, and they were happy to see us. It's good to be missed. Right now it is 9:45 a.m. and no blood as of yet, so I really hope we are going to be able to go and visit with Emili before 1:00 today, but if not, visiting hours at Community are at 4:30 and we can possibly go then. ♥ to all and thanks for the prayers during travel...they really were heard. ♥
Heaven is almost done with her 2nd unit of blood and we will be heading to get something to eat for lunch and then we will be off to visit with Emili and try to encourage her through her physical therapy. Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful day that we all have been blessed with. ♥ to all.
Sitting here with Emili and her Momma Irma, they were both very happy to see us. It's nice to visit with them and to try and encourage Emili. I see on the board where she has walked 165ft. today. They say she is doing well and they thank us for all the encouragement here and at the Childrens hospital. Irma and I went for a walk and chatted and I believe that helped her alot. Emili has to go to the Clinic tomorrow for a spinal tap and 2 units of blood. Please pray that before long that this beautiful young girl can walk out of here and head home. Thank  you all <3 ya. Me and my girls will be heading to the Tanglewood Mall here shortly and then we will be heading home. Again...thank you all for your prayers.
Made it home safely at around 8:15 p.m. and the girls and I had a great time. We love the Dr.s and Nurses at the Clinic and then we had a great time visiting with Emili, and then we went to the Mall (not much going ont here) lol after that we went to fun most unfavorite store in the entire universe...(walmart). Afterwards we headed home and God granted us grace to make it. Thank you all for you prayers.
Tonight I ask that you please pray for a young girl named Beth, she has A.L.L. and is currently at the hospital unexpectedly with fevers and pain...Dr.s are unsure of whats going on but Christ does, I ask tht you please pray for her and her family and mainly that the Dr.s can find out what is taking place with her. I know I can count on you all to pray. Thanks again.

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