Sunday, May 27, 2012

God is so good, all the time

‎5-27-12.....Heaven has had a pretty good last few days, beings I haven't posted. I found out last Friday that her ANC was at 0.70 (which is actually 700) and that was wonderful news. I had just started her back on her vitamins earlier that week, so I'm not sure if that helped with the counts rising, but it sure looks like it did. Praise the Lord. Please continue to pray for our family as the devi...l is still fighting and isn't stopping. Heaven will have her labs drawn again on Tuesday and Lord willing the counts will be up again. I am waiting for them to at least mid-normal range before we head back to church, this way I know that her immune system will be strong enough to fight off any invading germs. God knows I want to keep her safe and healthy and I will do all I can to do just that. Also, thank you all for all your support through this journey...we all appreciate it and again, please continue to pray for our family. ♥ to you all and I pray you all have a wonderful Lords day.


This is true beauty.....inside and out.
My baby girl is still kickin' cancers butt....keep it up sweets. I'm with you all the way.

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