Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lab day

5-17-12.....Heaven's home nurse came by this morning aroun 8:30 or so and couldn't get any blood to draw,( I think it was from where Heaven had just gotten out of bed and then sat down on the couch...not alot movement to get the blood moving) so she left and came back around 1:00 pm today and there it was....pretty and the blood samples are at the lab so nowwe can see what the counts are gonna be, we are now waiting on the results. Please continue to pray for Heaven and all the other kids that are in a continual fight on a daily basis. Lord, I thank you for all the strength, mercy and grace you have shown.
Sorry for not posting the results earlier but I was busy trying to get the yard mowed...its hard to mow an acre with only a pushmower, though I did manage to get half of it done today. Yay!!
Heavens counts are...
wbc--1.6 (up by .3) praise the Lord
platelet--14 (down by 10) but I praise God anyways
anc--0.040 (up by 20) praise the Lord

We will be getting counts again on MOnday but we will be going to the Franklin Memorial Hospital in Rocky Mount beings the home nurse last day is Friday (really gonna miss her) but Lord willing she'll be back jsut through another company. Went to Kaylas ball game tonight and her team really done a great job. They scored like 16 and the other team scored 2 or 3, not really sure of the final score, but they all, both teams, did a great job. Wayne went to the chiropractor today and received a rear end alingment...meaning he got his neck and back snapped back where it should be. He feels a lot better. He was also told he has stage 3 arthritis in his neck...bring on the cortisone shots...bless his heart ♥. Lord thank You for the beautiful day today and for all the work that was able to be done. ♥ you all.

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