Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WBC & ANC moving up a little at a time

‎5-23-12.....Found out yesterday at teh hem/Onc Clinic that heavens ANC was at 59, so it is going up little by little but that is a whole lot better than not at all. Praise the Lord. Dr. Edwards check her out good and said that everything was sounding o.k. (heart, lungs, etc) he also stated that he will keep a close eye on her counts as to where they are moving very slowly. We have to go to Rocky Mount again tomorrow for labs so please pray that the counts begin to rise but not to fast or to high, pray that they get to a normal range. Thank you all. ♥

This pic is to give you a different perspective as to how mnay meds Heaven takes in a weeks time. And sometimes we wonder why these kids don't feel like moving, but praise the Lord Heaven is.

Here is a pic of Heaven yesterday at the Hem/Onc Clinic. I thank God that she had the energy that she did so that she could have a little fun. Hope you enjoy the video. Get ready to laugh.

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