Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lazy Thursday

5-31-12.....may is now officially almost over and June is quickly arriving. We have had some mighty warm weather and yet we have also had some of the most wonderful cool weather. We went for almost 5 weeks without our AC running, but now it is in full swing. Gotta keep it cool for my babies and hubby. has been a lazy day for us as Heaven and I had a long day yesterday with leaving early, driving int he hot sun (i forgot my sunglasses), jsut being plain worn out , and arrivng back home about 8 hours later. So today was a sleep in day and a just hang out on the couch day. heaven actually was up early this morning and stayed up until around 9 a.m and then went back to sleep and slept until after 4 p.m. She was amazed at the time when she woke up, but thats o.k. she definately needed the rest.
I am actually gonna call the clinic tomorrow and see if we can wait on labs until Monday, beings we have bad weather coming our way, I am thinking of safety for me and my girls. i think it will be o.k. Lord willing but, I will let the Dr. make the call and if they want us to have the labs I will just have to take my timegetting there.
Later this evening I went outside and gathered some wood for a fire in the pit so I could sit out there nad just enjoy the outdoors. Then the neighbors below us came up and they brought graham crackers for smores, beings I was out, and we enjoyed the little time out there before the bottom fell out of the floating clouds that were passing by. LOL
All in all its bee a great day for it was a day that the Lord made for me and my family and friends to enjoy and I pray that you all did just that, regardless of what came your way. Love you all and I pray that you have a wonderful evening also.

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