Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heading to Greensboro NC and then to Roanoke VA.....long day

5-8-12.....Getting ready to head to Greensboro, NC to pick up Samantha after she had a night filled with excitement of being able to see John Cena, The Rock and the many others wrestle last night. I know she will be talking about it for the next 3 weeks, but thats o.k....I'll listen :). Then after we pick her up we have to head up to Roanoke for Heaven to get transfused with platelets, not sure ho...w many but hers right now are way to low. Took the truck to the shop yesterday adn I was told that the problem isn't in the brakes but they are uncertain as to where the rattle is coming from because "of course" it didn't make the sound yesterday. Please continue to pray for safety in travels, and pray that we can figure out where the rattle is coming from. ♥ to my Saviour and to all my family and friends.
Enjoy all the beauty that this day will hold for you.

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