Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautiful Sunday Morning

Beautiful Sunday morning here in Axton, Va. Birds chirping, gentle breeze blowing, soft piano music in the background and all is peaceful. I am sitting on the couch, Heaven is in the recliner and Wayne & Samantha are at church. SO far Heaven is feeling good, she doesnt' like the fact that I was up early and making a smoothie for her to drink, but thats o.k. I know she loves me. :). So anyway...s, tomorrow we go to Franklin Memorial in Rocky Mount to have labs drawn, beings our home nurse is moving to another co., but Lord willing...we will get her back next month, but for now we must travel for labs and then on Tuesday we have Heaven actual first Hem/Onc Clinic Appointment so we are praying all goes well there. Keep her and our family in your prayers. thanks and we love you all ♥....all the glory goes to Christ Jesus for all He has done for our family...through good and bad.

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