Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heading out for lab work this morning

‎5-29-12.....We all have a good weekend around here. We have cooked-out, had friends over, worked out in the hot sun, planted a small garden, and have completely enjoyed the freedoms that we still have because of all the ones that gave their lives for it. Heaven has done well thus far...praise the Lord!!! and we are now getting ready to head to Franklin Memorial Hospital for lab work again today. ...Lord willing her numbers will be better than last weeks. She has been playing and taking lots of pictures and yesterday she had a good day of rest. Sunday we went to Roanoke Childrens Hospital to visit with Emili, who is not in very good shape but I serve a big God that can work miracles to open peoples eyes and I am praying that He does jsut that. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" that is what all the kids need that are fighting childhood cancer.....they need family, friends and anyone that can make them smile to be there for them and with them...just to keep their little hearts merry. Pray for safe travels for us today and pray that Heavens counts are better than last weeks and plese continue to pray for Emili. Love you all and mostly I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and if you don't know Him personally....read .Jeremiah 33:3.....call on Him and He will answer you.

Went to the hospital today, Heaven was able to get the finger prick instead of a stick in the arm, adn we waited for her labs to come back. Her counts are as follows.....
rbc---2.32 (4.1 to 5.1)
hemo.---6.7 (12.0 to 16.0)
hema---18.7 (36 to 46)
platelet---22 (130 to 400)
We will be heading Roanoke tomorrow for her to receive a blood transfusion. Right now she is sitting on 3 criticals, So I am asking all the prayer warriors out there to please pray specifically for these counts to rebound and rise to a normal range as specified above in parenthesis. I praise the Lord that He is mighty and all powerful and that He is in control of all. ♥ to all.
Just had some lettering placed on the back window of my truck...whatcha think?

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