Friday, April 27, 2012

Transfushion Today

Getting ready to head to Roanoke for Heavens platelet transfushion. Then afterwards I will be heading to the Ronald McDonald House to fill out some forms so we can hold hte meetings for the F.A.C.T. Support group for the Hem/Onc Clininc (gonna be so much fun). and the myself , Samantha and Heaven will be heading to either Firehouse Subs or Ci-Ci's for lunch. Love you all and may you all enjoy this beautiful sunny day that Christ has blessed us all with today. ♥
Made it back from Roanoke, Heaven had her platelets and of course, I thold them she had never had benadryl with platelets...they didn't give her one and she started breaking out afterwards. It was jsut one little area but it was caught before we left the that means benadryl for platelet and blood transfushions from now on.
Also, I have the F.A.C.T. Meetings set up from now until December for the Hem/Onc Clinic support group. Yay!!! very nice atmosphere there and I believe its gonna be great. Vicki, thanks so much for the flyers, I really appreciate them. They actually came today, wish I could have gotten them before leaving this morning but thats o.k. We will be heading back to Roanoke on Tuesday to drop the flyers off at the clinic and to go by the Community Hospital to visit Emili G. Gonna be a great day spending it with my girls. ♥

And for right now...I am heading to the gym.....c-ya.....xoxo

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