Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Saturday :)

4-7-12.....Heaven had another good nights sleep, now I am jsut waiting to see how she feels when she wakes up. Tomorrow she will be receive her last treatment of Chemo. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you Jesus for holding our hands through this valley. ♥
Pneumosystis Pneumonia is a detramental type pneumonia to the kids with cancers so Heaven will continue to take the Bactrum to help keep her from getting extremely sick that can be fatal. But it will be prevented by using this med.
Heaven hada taste for some different foods so, I went downstairs and all the restaurants were closed, except for the pizza parlor, tired of pizza. Anyways, Me and Erma (Emily's Momma) went to Subway and I bought a meatball sub for Heaven, then I went to Arby's and got her some curly fries a hot ham & cheese and mozzarella cheese she is good to go for a while. When I arrived back I walked into the room and her nose was bleeding so I turned around (beacause my hands were full) and let the RN and Resident Dr. know and they came to the room and after a little over 5 minutes it was done. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you al for your continued prayers. ♥ you all

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