Friday, April 20, 2012

Things are looking good.....

4-20-12.....Good Morning everyone, I hope you are all able to enjoy this wonderful day that the Lord has blessed each of us with. I spoke briefly with Dr.Edwards in the hall (he hasn't been in yet) and he told me that if Heaven continues throughout the day today and tonight without any fevers or nose bleeds that we can go home tomorrow. AMEN!!! Heaven slept very good last night beings she still had the remains of 2 doses of Benadryl in her. This morning her WBC was 0.7 and her hemo and hema had risen to an acce[table level and her platelets were 34, so if we go home tomorrow she will probably have to be on an antibiotic until her WBC's come back up to an appropriate level.
Samantha went yesterday and sat in the cafeteria and worked on some of her school-work and took in all the smells of the yummy foods down there. As for me...I am making fabric yo-yo's to pass the time. Thank you all for your continues prayers and as I have stated before...please don't stop for there is a large portion of this road that we are on has yet to be traveled. Lord, I pray that you keep your loving hand upon each on of our family and friends out there and help us all to continue doing Your will. Thank you Lord for all your many wonderful blessings and may we all learn to appreciate each and every one of them.
 Update on 6:56 p.m. Heaven's nose started bleeding and didn't stop until 7:20 p.m. so ita lasted more than 15 minutes but certainly not a 5 hour one like the other day. We have laughed so much today with Heaven and Samantha that my head hurts. Praise the Lord. Samantha actually took the rubber gloves and put them on her feet. LoL that was so funny, I will post a pic later. Heaven is jsut been laughing at us but to see her laugh makes me feel so good. I met one of the other Moms today (actually she wanted to meet me) and we are going to go and chat here shortly, her son was diagnosed a little over a month ago with Osteosarcoma and she is at that stage where I once was and she needs someone to talk to, so I will do as another Mother done with me, be there. Love to all and thank you all for praying.

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