Monday, April 23, 2012

Cloudy Morning.....Labs Drawn

4-23-12.....Heaven's home nurse came by this morning and drew labs and we are now waiting ont he results. I will be takingthe truck Thursday to GR Chevrolet to get the fuel sensor replaced ont he truck, if we dont' get it there soon we will have ot pay full price instead of the deductable. Thank you all for you continued prayers for without them we would not be where we are today. ♥ you all.
Heavens temp. was 99.3* and her BP was 98/64 (if I am remembering it right) She is feeling pretty good today but we are staying home until her counts come up really good and stay there.
Just thought I'd let you all see what these kids have to take on a daily basis, some kids take lots more and some kids take less. But below is a pic of what children with A.M.L. have to take each day, most are meds and some are supplements. The black container in the background is Glutamine which Heaven takes 12 grams daily mixed in water. And we wonder why these kids aren't that hungry. Please don't complain the next time you have to swallow only a couple of tylenol.

Just received news from the Home Nurse and her counts are as follows.....


Heaven will have to continue on with the antibiotic through Thursday, this is when the Home Nurse will be back to draw labs again.

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