Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Final Round

4-3-12.....Well, it's 7:10 a.m. and we will be leaving for Roanoke in about 20 minutes. This is Heaven's last round of chemo (6 days of intense chemotherapy) and she'll be done...Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!! We are still gonna have a long road ahead of us after this so please continue praying for Heaven and our family. ♥ you all.
Heading for Home Base.....We arrived at the hospital at around 9:10 a.m. and before we went to the Peds floor, Heaven wanted to go and her Granny Carolyn first...that took us all of 20 minutes just to get in the room. She looks good and is progressing well, please continue to pray for her. She was trying so hard to talk to Wayne and then took his hand in hers and I know she was saying that she loved him, then Heaven went and gave her a hug and Carolyn kissed her on the cheek...so sweet <3. Heavens chemo will go for 6 straight days of a total of almost 3300mg per day...so please continue to keep her in your prayers and our family. Thank you all for what you have done thus far and I want to thank my Saviour Jesus Christ for seeing us through this valley...may we always want ot be close to the Lily. <3 you all and I will update and the days go on.
Here, Heaven is patiently waiting to be accessed.
Here is her new quilt that those 20 wonderful ladies made for her.

Her decorated room

Heaven's Room with a view

Dr. Edwards just informed us the Heaven does NOT have to have a Bone Marrow Biospy.....Praise the Lord!!! She only has to have the Lumbar Puncture..WooHoo!!! Glory!!! But she is so hungry, she can't have anything until afterwards and where they have been so busy this morning it will be 1:00 p.m. or later before they can do the LP. Poor baby, I know she will eat afterwards though.
O.K. we left right at 1:00p.m to go so the Lumbar Puncture could be done and Praise God all went well, we have jsut now gotten back to the room (which is only 1 room away from where the procedure took place) so it took allof 1 hour to perform. We will get the results later today or tomorrow. Thank you all for your continued prayer.
Heaven was given a new nausea med called Decadron, so lets all pray that all goes well. She is now getting ready for her 1st big mg of chemo at 3:10p.m., Lord come and stay with us and keep Heaven safe from any harm. Amen.
Dr. Edwards jsut came in and let us know that the spinal fluids came back clear...no wbc, no rbc and no blast. Praise the Lord!!!!! To God be all the glory!!!
I may not understand why I face certain trials, but what I do know is...God is good and I will trust in Him, for He has wonderful plans for me and a purpose that is beyond my understanding.

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  1. Angela, Wayne, Heaven - praying for you lots and lots; also for Grandma Carolyn and Heaven's sisters. God is good.
    Call me if you need me. I mean that!