Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heading Home Soon again

4-21-12.....Today Heaven had to have a platelet transfushion due to the fac tthat they came in at 27. Her wbc came up to 1.0 which is good beings it is on the rise. Right now her and Sam are in the teen game room having a blast. We will be heading home here within the next couple of hours or so. This visit has been very interesting and also very entertaining as to the way some of the residents ar...e. lol. We are glad though to be going home, now I can work on getting the Support Group for the Hem/Onc Clinic up and running...its gonna be awesome. Keep praying for our family and also for the others that are jsut now beginning the journey that will transform them forever. ZLord, I ask today that you give them all the strength they will need.
We made it home around 4:15 p.m. this evening and then about an hour later the Home Nurse arrived and she reinstated in the system where she had been at the hospital and then discharged, so we went through the proper paperwork for that, then she checked Heaven and took notes and right before she was done and getting ready to leave.....the sky opened up, so she stayed about another 20 or 30 minutes just chatting and waiting for the tsunami to pass. lol. Heaven instantly went outside when we arrived home and after the nurse had checked her vitals.....boom!!! out the door Heaven went. It's good to be back home. The home nurse will be in on Monday to draw labs to see how everthing is going and if her counts are coming up any. Againa dn again I will ask that you all continue to keep us in your prayers as well as all of the other Oncology patients.....don't stop for the road is very long. Thank you all again for the calls and the cards with sincere words of encouragement. ♥

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