Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eyes feel weird

‎4-24-12.....Heaven woke this morning not feeling to good and was saying that her eyes were hurting, when I asked how they were hurting she then pressed on mine and said that it felt like they were swollen (the eye balls). So i put an eye drop in each eye and later asked how they felt and she said they felt ok but still not as usual. I pray this isn't something coming up from behind us to try and ...attack from behind. Other than the eye issue, Heaven finally went outside for a bit for some sun and fresh (country) air and she seems to be doing pretty good considering all she has been through in such a short time frame.

I would love to thank all the Nursing Staff on the Pediatric Floor at Carilion Roanoke for all of your help and expertice in helping Heaven as well as all of the other children that pass through those halls each day. Thank you all so much formt he bottom of our hearts. We love you all. ♥ Lord thank You for sending us to CCCH for I believe if "we" had went anywhere else, i dont' think she would have gotten such great care and the situation may not have turned out as well as it has. Thank you all for all your prayers sent. May Christ be with you all.

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