Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heavens Labs Drawn

4-12-12.....Heaven had her labs drawn around 8:45 a.m. this we will wait patiently for the results. We are getting ready to head up to the YMCA and were gonna hang out there for a while. I am loving the workout on the total body reconstruction. woot woot!!! Will update as the counts come in. Hope you all have a wonderful day in the Lord. :-)
Had a good day at the Ymca, and one of the trainers that works there set up a regimine for Heaven to work on when she is there....worked out pretty good, I actually feel like I worked out today. Now if it will all start toning...that will be good. LoL

Heaven's labs came back earlier today but I was at the Y so I didn't have a chance to put them in until things can change so fast with leukemia blood counts.....Check out the difference.....

             4-8-2012     4-9-12     4-12-12
wbc          5.1             6.5            1.3
platlet      131             73              53
anc         4700          6300          130

I know that this is taking place due tot he chemo that she had last week. Her nose has bled twice already today and the second thime there was a big clot after about 10 minutes of bleeding and it still going so but not as bad as it was (25 minutes now). I have a feeling once her labs are drawn on Monday that we may have to go in the Clinic on Tuesday for a trasfusion of blood or platelets, so plese keep those prayers coming. ♥ to all

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