Monday, April 16, 2012

A better Day?

4-16-12.....Today is a much better day for Heaven, Home Nurse will be coming by later to take a CBC (draw labs) and then she will be back on Thursday for more. Her mouth is feeling a little raw and she can swallow any meds at this time so I am trying to get her to at least get the Glutamine in her and Lord willing later she may be able to take her Fluconazole. Keep praying for as I said before...the road is still long. ♥ to my Saviour Jesus Christ and to all that are in continual prayer.
Heaven's labs came back and the results are as follows.....

wbc---0.5 --> so basicly the 2 units she received last night pumped right out her nose.

I think we may be heading back in a few days due to the fact that her mouth is becoming raw. The only way I can get her Fluconazole (anti-fungal) in her is by crushing it between 2 spoons and mixing it with the Glutamine. I jsut ask that we all continue to pray. ♥

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