Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Rawness/More Nose-bleeds

4-17-12.....Heaven woke with a little more rawness in her mouth and now she is already on her 2nd nose bleed. The first one lasted for less than 5 minutes and this 2nd one has been going for about 10 min. so far. I am now on the phone with the Hem/Onc Clinic in hopes to be able to have some "Magic Mouthwash" called in to CVS for her. I have a feeling that her platelets are probably bottomed out and her wbc can't be to good either beings they were already bottomed out yesterday.
Here is just a little tidbit that everyone should know about cancer.....Just because you have cancer doesn't mean you are not a person. Because you have to be a very strong and tough person and have the will power to defeat the beast called cancer! Cancer victims are tough and are people too, and I wish others would also realize that cancer patients are not contagious or fragile. Just love us and stand by us.

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