Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 19....update

Update on Heaven Nicole..... In the past few days she has made some good advances. She removed her own ng tube and is eating great, Dr. Edwards took her off of some meds that, for now, she doesn't need, she is getting up and walking 3 times a day, and her mouth is healing up wonderfully
Right now she is on her second BT for the day beings her Hemo. was a little on the low side, which is normal. Her daddy brought her some blow pops, chicken drummetts and some goodies that our sweet neighbors Bobbie & Chuck made and sent. The treats are yummy. She has gained a few ounces, she will be weighed in again tomorrow. She misses Milton a lot and she is glad that he is feeling much better and hopes to see him soon.
I was reading over the notebook that Duke sent me today, I read so much my eyes started crossing up on me, so I laid it down until tomorrow...I read some more. Again we thank you all for all you have done....your prayers, thoughts, calls, cards, encouragement and positive thoughts do not go overlooked at all. Please keep those prayers coming as the Dr.s are saying she is right on target.
We will be here until her counts rebound to a normal enough range for her to have a bone marrow biopsy done, not sure when that will be beings this round of chemo was pretty rough so her counts will be down just a bit longer than before, so we could be here another 2 weeks or so...but hey, that's o.k. God is good, all the time. ♥ to you all and may we all be blessed with a wonderful New Year.

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