Friday, December 21, 2012

This just evening update added

A tiny morning update on Heaven Nicole .....Dr. Atkinson just came in the room and I asked her..."In your opinion, how is Heaven doing?". She answered with..."Heaven is doing wonderful..." Also, the mouth rinse for the mucasitis has only been used with Heaven, and Dr. A was also pleased to know that it has worked good enough to where Heaven wouldn't need any morphine for the pain since she started using it the other day. All of the glory goes to God, I don't want to take not one bit of it from Him. Keep those prayers coming.
Also, yesterday I received a call from a Nurse Case Manager at our insurance company and I had to choke back the tears. Wow!!! My God is so good, is about all I can say. She proceeded to tell me that beings Duke is listed as "in network life hospital" that all 4 steps of the transplant is.....get this.....100% covered under the plan. Praise the Lord!!! Also, they will be taking care of travel and lodging expenses while there at Duke. Amazing!!! I am speechless at this point.
Update on Heaven Nicole ......She has had a really good day. She was able to go and have another soaking bath, she opened a few gifts that some very nice people brought by for her and the other kids, she has been able to get some more rest, we were able to bump up the feed on her NG Tube and she is taking it well, the only issue right now is trying to get the last bit of 2 blood trans in her, we have changed port sites and it is still giving us a hard time, but it is almost done.
So set aside the last trans. she is doing great. Lord willing after this she will feel really good tomorrow beings her platelets and H & H will be up. She is my little trooper. And i must say that God can and will answer so many of your prayers, all we have to do is pray specifically, He has answered so many of our prayers and I know as long as we pray specifically.  Love to all.....and may you all have a wonderful night.


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