Monday, December 17, 2012 7 after returning to Roanoke

Update on Heaven Nicole .....She was really quiet yesterday, that was until Milton Moore showed up and with homemade spaghetti, then she perked up a bit. She loved the spaghetti even though she didn't eat much, she says she will try to finish it today. Thanks Paula Katsifos Moore for making and sending some for her. She did get up and walk around the floor with Milton for some much needed excercise, that was after I had rode with Dylan, Miltons brother, to the mall to get Heaven some shorts to wear then to Taco Bell and Burger King for 2 large cherry Icee's.
Well, after Milton and Dylan was able to finally leave, Heaven was so tired and almost fell asleep instantly, I am assuming it was because her hemoglobin is low. She did get a goods nights rest and when Dr. Atkinson came in this morning, she asked Heaven to open her mouth so she could see inside, and she can't see a lot of musacitis setting in but she could see some redness and informed Dad and I that instead of place an NG Tube for nutrients that they can use her port this go round, which is a blessing and this way it won't have to be changed every so often. Heaven was happy to hear that, I do believe. Also, she chatted with Dad and he asked her several questions pertaining to Duke, which I am glad he did have the opportunity to speak with one of the Dr.s.
Dr. Atkinson also informed Dad and I that Heaven is doing great and that she is progressing well at this point. We ask that you all continue to pray for remission, surgery to go well, and for the 100% healthy match that her body will accept and start producing healthy bone marrow quickly after being transplanted. May my Jesus bless you all that have been a blessing to us. <3 Love in Christ 

In all honesty, I think it should say.....because thay've been strong soooo long. Crying is so good for the cleansing fo the soul. It's o.k to cry.

I'd like to ask everyone to say an extra prayer for Heaven Nicole . Bless her heart she hasn't been able to eat anything today but she has been able to get down some pear juice and 2 containers of chocolate milk. They will start liquid nutrients tomorrow sometime and, praise the Lord, they will not have to place an NG Tube as mentioned before, as they can use her port. Thank you all, I know that we can count on you all .

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