Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1 back in Roanoke

O.K. going to try and give everyone here an update on Heaven Nicole. We arrived in Roanoke just before 9 am. We were sent to room 1156 and while Heaven went to have the LP, she wanted Wayne and I to go ahead and get our HLA Typing done. So when we were finished and made it back to the 11th floor, I went to the treatment room where they were finishing up with the LP. All went well with it and they had to draw a second set of labs while she was there lying still. 
She made it back in her room and ate a chef salad with spinach, a hamburger and some fries....I'd say she was pretty hungry, and where her Hemoglobin was at 5, she had to receive a blood transfusion, with that comes a Benadryl.....she was knocked out for a little while but we think it done her some good. I then began to voice my concern as to where we were surrounded by a few kids with the flu, and then, Praise the Lord we were moved to room 1145 and now we are settled in for a while. 
Thank you all for your continued prayers, please keep them coming, please keep them specific, and may you all have a wonderful night. ♥ to all.

O.K. it will soon be 14 hours since we arrived here in Roanoke and since Heaven Nicole has received 3 rounds of chemo and one LP with chemo inserted into her spine, 2 units of blood and a unit of platelets. She is tired and is now sleeping sound beings with each transfusion she needs a Benadryl. Goodnight to all our family and friends and I will do my best on keeping you all updated.


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