Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good day but not much of an appetite

Update on Heaven Nicole.....Well, its been a good day today other than finding out that one of the meds she was on was making her hallucinate while she slept, so she was taken off that and it was pulled from her file. Wow, just to hear about it gave me the chills, bless her heart. She was able to get her a good hot soaking bath today and her head washed...she enjoys those hot baths. :) She woke this morning wanting chicken noodle soup, then ended up having almost 3 helpings...but that's about all she has had today, she even passed up a grilled cheese sandwich. I am trying to get her to eat some yogurt beings she has had a lot of antibiotics since we have been here and I am wondering if that may be an issue with her stomach.
Dr. Atkinson was very pleased with how she is taking to everything when she came in earlier and went over her. Her vitals have been looking good so far. I will update any further news later. Love and grace be with you all and may you have a wonderful evening. ♥

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