Friday, December 28, 2012

Update.....Day 18

Update on Heaven Nicole,.....Well, she literally has no wbc beings it is at 0.1 but her mouth is healing up really good, she was taken off the feed tube and has gained a few ounces. The Dr.s are still amazed at how well she is doing and I keep thelling them that it just shows that there is Power in prayer. God is so good. Dr. Edwards also has taken her off of some of the unnecessary meds and that is a great thing in my eyes. She can actually use a regular toothbrush to clean her teeth...YA!!!!! We have to keep the mouth clean for its a breeding ground for bacterias of all kinds.
Yesterday she ate 2 turkey burgers, 2 McChickens, french fries and a 32 ounce slushie. She hasn't had anything as of yet today but she isn't a big breakfast eater either. She has been up and walking 3 times a day and the nurses are always glad to see her out. Her cousin Nickolas D Doylespent the night with her last night and they laughed so much, it was such a blessing to hear them laugh together.
So as for now only a few things have changed for the good and with her now having appetite we believe things will be much better real soon for her. Also, we are not sure at this point when the bone marrow biopsy will be done beings we have to wait for her counts to rebound to a good level, so it could be next week or the following, just not sure right now. Keep those prayers coming and thank you all for the Christmas wishes, cards, calls, encouraging words and positive thoughts. We ♥ you all.

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