Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 4.....Update on Heaven

Update on Heaven Nicole.....Dr. Edwards says that she is doing very good tolerating the intensity of the chemo. We justt might get to have a break and be able to go to the house for a few days before the side effects set in, I know she would like that, then once the side effects set in...we will be here for the duration of the time until the bone marrow biopsy and for the SE to cease.
So far, she has had light chest pains that didn't last to long but we think it may have been from her extensive laughter while talking to MiltonMoore...I certainly love to see her laugh, for it is true that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Also, she has had some eye sensitivity as to everything looking very bright, but once her eyes were rested they seemed to be o.k. Dr. Edwards has suggested that she get some dark sunglasses to wear outdoors.
Other than this she is doing great. She was surprised last night when Milton and his Momma showed up for a visit, she was so surprised that tears were coming down her face. She was also visited by her favorite cousin, Nick, and the three had lots of fun int he game room and while hanging out together. I think last night was a wonderful night for Heaven and i know that she thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you all for helping to put a smile on her face and encouraging her the way you are...Thank you so very much ♥
Heaven, honey, you keep on smiling for we will get through this again.....together. 

~~~ ♥ We are all gonna love you through it ♥ ~~~


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