Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 23.....

Update on Heaven Nicole,.....Hope you are all enjoying the new year and may it hold many blessings for us all. haven't posted in a while beings we have been focusing on the more important things. 
Heaven is doing great, Dr.s are still pleased at the way she is progressing, and God is still so good to us. She has had visits from her sister Alexandra V. Haak, B-I-L Aaron Haak and her 2 sweet little neices, and her sister Samantha C Clark. Her SH Milton Moore, his Mom Paula Moore and also his brother Dylan. Her cousins Veronica Doyleand her son Nickolas D Doyle and she is staying very busy when it comes to Milton and Nick visiting.....these two do their best to keep her going and smiling.
Her counts are beginning to look better, her ANC jumped 100 pts. overnight, 8 more days like that and she won't be neutropenic. A positive attitude and outlook and knowing that people love you makes a huge difference.
This morning she surprised me and her Nurse by eating before 11:00 a.m, beings she is definitely is not a breakfast eater (she had 5 chicken drumettes) lol and a slurpee. Afterwards she took a warm soaking bath and all was o.k. until her port dressing loosened from the heat.....well, that meant another dressing change which makes her port area very sore. Before the benadryl kicked in she was working in her school paces and eating KFC, biscuit and some brown gravy. We are so grateful to everyone who is praying, calling, visiting and doing all you can to encourage not only Heaven but us as her parents. Thank you all so much and please keep doing all of the above into 2013. Love to you all and may the Lord continue to bless you all as we are truly blessed to have you all by our sides.
Brief Update on Heaven Nicole.....Received a call a little after 4 p.m. today from Melody from down at Duke. After what she told me I could have raised off this hospital even though there is 3 floors above us. lol. I was informed that they have found a cord blood match for Heaven...Praise the Lord for He is worthy to be praised!!!!! I will find out more information later on this as soon as it comes in.
I am just overcome with much joy.....for I know that God is the great Physician <3
Please keep those specific prayers a coming. Amen.

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