Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 27

Update on Heaven Nicole, It's been several days since I have updated and well.....things are going great. :) She has had to have a few BT's and a couple PT's but all in all she is doing great. She has gained another pound so right now she is at 114.2 which is good, her appetite is great...she has eaten everything from Pizza to green beans. She even has me walking to 7-11 to get her drummettes and a slurpee. lol. I actually enjoy the walk and the fresh air. 
Tomorrow she will be having the bone marrow biopsy sometime on the morning, so after midnight tonight she can't have anything to eat or drink, also while she is "under" they will be changing her dressing and needles on her port, she actually requested this. Please specifically pray for less than 5% leukemic cells.
Not sure if she will be getting a small break between hospitals but I am going to call Duke Children's to see if she can have at least a few days, as this will give me time to get our clothes cleaned and packed and get all the items we will need when we arrive. Hope you all are enjoying the sun as I see it will be in the upper 60's by the weekend. Amazing. Enjoy :) Love you all ♥ and miss you.

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