Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Biopsy and Aspirate Day

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspirate.....done. 
Dr. Atkinon had a time an was saying how hard Heavens bones were. 
Also, needle and dressing change...done. 
Only issue is that something is wrong with the top portion of the port, interesting enough, it with give a blood return but won't flush so they are going to try an get some TPA in there to try an breakdown any clog or debree that may be present.
Right now Heaven has ordered Chicken Tenders, Mash Potatoes with Brown Gravy and some Green Beans...this kid is now hungry...lol
Love and miss you all and keep praying specifically. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. :-)


Quick update on Heaven Nicole, for a while we were thinking that Heavens port line may actually be kinked, well praise the Lord it's not but, there is a clot.....not sure how that happened but they have just put in TPA that will be left in overnight (this will break down the clot) and then, Lord willing, come morning...the clot will be broken down enough to be extracted. Heaven is feeling better now that the thought of a surgery on her port isn't necessary but, now she is a little concerned about this clot. Pray that the TPA will do its job overnight to break it down. Hope you all have a wonderful evening

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