Friday, January 25, 2013

Started the Chemo today.....

Update on Heaven Nicole, she had a good nights sleep last night, She had some teddy grahams and toast for breakfast (also her meds). She received the Decadron eye drops and they began her first round of Fludarabine (type of chemo)  at about 10:30 a.m. which it ran for 30 minutes, then a few hours after that she received Cytabine that ran over the course of 4 hours. After that I got her up and out of the room and walking, only a lap and a quarter, but that was better than nothing. Then the plumber had to come in and replace the ring on the toilet...easy you may think...NOT, I had to take Heaven into another room being he had to use a saws-all to get the bolt cut off so he could put a new ring on the toilet. LoL. Well, I told the fellow by the time Heaven and I get to go home this room will be just like new again...he jsut giggled and said "O.K." Hope you all had a wonderful day :)

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