Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update in a nutshell

Update on Heaven Nicole ..... It's been a long week, a very tiring week for us all. Wayne was able to head home yesterday for work today to find that he only was ablw to work a few hours. So, at least he was able to get ina  few hours, right? Anyways, we went in today to get Heaven a blood transfusion, she ended up getting 2 so that she would have enough for the weekend. While there Dr. Driscoll and Dr. Jerilyn came in to speak with us about a plan of action. So, she will start off next week with the placement of the triple Hickman catheter, they will also be removing the double lumen port, once that is done within a day or so she will begin another round of  Induction chemo using high dose ara-c (cytarabine) this is the same that she received in the beginning, the only difference is that she will be getting 10 times as much in half the time. They are also adding 2 other chemo's with this. The round of chemo will be for 5 days, there is a possibility that we will be staying at the RMH at times whenever is possible. After this they will begin the transplant chemo as soon as her numbers rebound. Then sometime shortly after that.....she will be getting not one but 2 cord blood transplants that we found out today is an amazingly 5 out of 6 match!!! God is so good, thank you Lord. Sorry I haven't been posting much but this week has mainly been meetings, labs and a bone marrow biopsy. Please continue to pray specifically and please be understandable is I ask that you not come and visit beings as of right now Heaven is not allowed to be in any public places. We love and miss you all <3

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