Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trooping along.....

Just sitting here, crocheting, enjoying the sun shining through the window, listening to Pandora and then what I need to hear comes through a, I sure am glad that the Potter know the clay and how much pressure it can take. Thank You Lord...thank You.
Now a little update on Heaven Nicole,.....she is running right on through this chemo like a triathlon runner, whole heartedly,  giving it all she's got to get better and to beat this ugly monster. And that she will do because she is eating well, getting up and walking, doing everything she is being asked to do to stay as healthy and active as possible...and that smile, oh how I love to see that beautiful smile. Between 3 to 4 weeks from now they will be doing another bone marrow biopsy and does everyone know what to specifically pray for?????

Remission!!!!! This is what we need now to happen. Then after that they will go right into the next step which will be transplant chemo. So, one bridge at a time. Keep prayer for our trooper and also her close family and friends that miss her so much. <3 , {{HUGS}} to you all and a big muwah to my grand-babies. We miss you all but we will be seeing you as soon as possible.

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