Monday, February 13, 2012

Waiting.....results are in

‎2-13-12.....Heaven's home Nurse just left about 15 minutes ago, she is going to run the labs s.t.a.t. so that we can get the results soon (Lord willing). Anyways, we will find out today if we go back to Roanoke tomorrow and if not maybe her counts will be good enough to at least get her off the antibiotics. Please continue to pray for her sisters...the devil is trying his best to make them feel un...loved at this time but I'd like to say....Girls, though I can't be with you around the clock and able to talk and hug you, please know that you are on my heart constantly and that I love and miss you all so much when we aren't here. Heaven and I chat about how each of you have your own little things that you do and we pray for you to. Just remember that satan is the author of confusion and that he will use any tool he can to make you feel like no one cares...dont'let him!!! We love you all so much and we would never intentionally want to make either of you feel the way satan wants you to feel. Lord thank you for our children and thank you for what they stand for and how they stick together when they are together. You could not have blessed us with better kids than these. ♥ Thanks
 Well, we will be going to the hospital tomorrow, but not for chemo. Heaven has to have another blood transfusion because her hemoglobins are low. Here are the result fromt he labs.....

wbc--- 1.3 (normal is 4.8 to 10.8)
hemoglobines--- 6.6 (normal is 13 to 16)
platelets---29 (normal is 130-400)
anc---18.1 (normal is 1800 to 7700) but for chemo it needs to be 1000
Please pray that we have safe travels tomorrow and that the numbers will rise in Gods timing.

Are you having a bad day so far today? Feel like no one cares? Just get up and go bless somebody generously today!!!! Trust me, you will feel so much better and youwill see that YOU care. Jesus love you ♥

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