Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Pizza

....Heaven is well today, says shes tired. She asked for pizza rolls while I was out, so I stopped and grabbed her a big bag of 90. She is knawing on them now. We need to get as much weight on her as possible before we have to return.Well, after the pizza rolls she wanted some spaghetti, so guess what, I made spaghetti. She ate most of what I put int he bowl for her...I am hoping this appetite will continue to increase hourly instead of daily. Please continue to pray fervently for Heaven.
Also, today may I ask you all a question?

Is anything to hard for God? Who's got a problem beyond His power to solve? Are there situations He's not the Master of? So, is anything to hard for God?

Nope!!!!! There isn't. I had ot take the truck today to see why it was making an aweful whining noise and I had asked several here topray about the situation. Well, when I got there Trina has to call and make sure the part was covered by the war...ranty and Prise the Lord!!! it was. And guess what? They had the part in stock!!! nope that not a coincidence...thats God. Well, they said I had a $50 deductable...well I didnt' have $50 on me...Trina again left the room and when she came back, she told me that one of the owners of the company said that he would give me 2 weeks to pay it. Praise the Lord!!! Now I am home and the truck sounds so much better, Thank you Lord for making it all work out for us. ♥ you so much.
I came driving down the road heading home and all I could do is cry and thank Him for all the things He has done for us. God is still good when the waves roll high, God is still good all through the night, when I've done all I can and I don't understand...God is still good!!! Clouds of doubt may darken the way but showers of blessings may come any day, we'll make it through and I'll stand and say God is still good!!!
 We need to praise when were in the valleys the same as if we were on the mountain top!!
I'm not feeling to good here this evening...I have a runny but stuffy nose, I am sneezing my head off, my throat is a little scratchy...I dont' need this!!! I keep sticking a spoon in honey (a different one each time) and I am trying to sooth my throat with that, I have taken an antihistamine, but it hasn't kicked in yet, Wayne and Samantha get home from church tonight, I may take some Nyquil, not for sure though because I have to keep an eye on Heaven. Lord, take this little cold away, please.

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