Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sons of Thunder

WoW!!! what a day we had today...I am still feeling so overwhelmed as to the events that took place today. WoW!!! I thank God I serve a Saviour that looks upon the heart of man and not on the outside, as man does. Wayne, Myself, Samantha and Heaven were so blessed today...just so blessed. We were able to "Sons of Thunder" bikers and oh my, what a blessing.

Testimonies were coming one after, but the main one that was told, I do believe, helped encourage Heaven so much. The mans name was Shannon and he testified how Christ helped him be a A.L.L. Survivor...exactly what I wanted Heaven to here. A.L.L. is normally found in children and he was an adult and A.M.L. is normally found in adults and Heaven is a child, so that testimony that Shannon had told mainly to and for her,,,really helped her alot.

We were having so much fun/ fellowship & food with the men and ladies that came about 2 hours away and drove in the high winds to come and pray with and for a little 12 yr. old girl in Virginia.....I pray that Christ will certainly abundantly bless them with all that they can spititually hold. I would love to just hug them all again. Our family just keeps growing and I am so glad.....I love big families.

To all of them men and ladies that battled the wind and long trip today to come and pray for our daughter and family.....We miss you so much and it feels as though we have known you all for years. Also, if there is one among you that doesn't know Jesus as your personal Saviour...I pray that todays events have changed your heart. Please stay in touch and may God's grace abound upon you all wherever you may go. Love you all ♥

Psalm 94:17

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