Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Sunny Day today

Heaven actually got up on her own this morning...pretty cool if you ask me. She has her color back in her skin from receiving 2 units of blood yesterday. She spent a little time outside today. I had some errands to run uptown and Samantha and Heaven stayed home. I had called the neighbor below us and the neighbor above us to ask if they would listen out for the girls in case they needed anything, all went well. So glad we are blessed with neighbors that look out for each other.

Dr. Edwards seems to think that Heaven will be ready for chemo to start again next week, anyways, it will be in Gods timing. Amen!!! We were so blessed today, one of our prayers was answered and also more donations came in and are coming in for so glad that people are following the leading of the Spirit to donate for such a great cause. Please keep the donations coming in.

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunny day today as much as we did. Thank you Jesus for taking such good care of our family. Love to all and may many blessings come your way.

Here is a pic of Heaven at the Clinic yesterday with Beth and Emily. I am so grateful that the girls were able to come together for a short time and actually just chat. Emily and Beth are 2 others that receives treatments at Carilion Childrens Hospital, but Beth is going to be transferring soon...we will be sad to see her go beings we all just met. Lord, please keep you loving hand upon these girls and all the others that are fighting different types of Leukemia. <3

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