Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great News!!!

Got some great news today....Heaven labs came back and here are the results.....


We are going to have to wait and take labs again on Monday but for sure we will be heading to Roanoke on Tuesday. And, if your wondering what the great news I was talking to the Clinic Nurse I asked her about the "road map" which is what we as parents use to... keep up with all of the information about the chemo. Well I have 4 maps and was thinking that there was 2 more for a total of 6...well, the great news is Heaven is already half way through!!!! Praise the Lord!!! I was informed that She only has this round of chemo and 1 more round after this. Glory!!! I am so thankful that I serve a BIG Saviour!!! Thank you Lord, I have so much to be thankful much!! Thank you all for praying and please continue to pray fervently...prayer is moving mountains. ♥

Heaven and I are heading to church with Wayne and Samantha tonight.....this will be the first time since December. Praise the Lord!!! And Lord willing we will get to go again on Sunday!!!

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