Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Snowy Day

‎2-19-12.....Its a beautiful day today watching the snow fall every now and then, they say after 4 p.m. it iwll be heavy at times. We notcied that Heaven was getting low on pizza rolls, so Wyane gave me $40 to go to the grocery store. Well, when he figured that I would be going tby myself he said that he would go with me. Ha, its a good thing because for all that we got came up to more than $52......hehe. Anyways, Heaven is feeling alright and is lovin the fact that she now has a 3 day supply of pizza wether they last that long, we maynever know. lol.
Please continue to pray for our family and that Christ will give us the strength we need and that Heaven will need to fight this aweful disease. Thank you all again for your faithfulness in praying.

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