Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovely rainy day

‎2-16-12.....Well, the Home Nurse came today and drew Heavens labs and the results are in.....

... anc---400 <-----this rose by 382 points in just over 2 days. Praise God!!!!!

heaven has already had pizza rolls, salad w/ fresh spinach and cheesy ziti noodles and she is washing all that down with a Boost Kid Essentails Chocolate Drink with 18g. fat and 355 cal. Trying to get all the weight on her before next week. Thank you all for not being scarce when praying for Heaven and our family. We love you all so much for all you ahev done for us. Please continue to pray for htis round of chemo is gonna be rough so please add in a little mercy and grace with those prayers for her. Thanks again and may you all have a beautiful rainy outside but sunny on the inside day. ♥

 Forgot to add.....The Dr said she can come onff the antibiotic today. No more antibiotic for now. YAY!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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