Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Restful but fin day

Had a great time at the YMCA with Samantha and Heaven today. Also, Veronica and Nick came (cousins) and they all played in the pool until someone messed it up and they all had to get out for 45 minutes ( I think a babies diaper came undone). yuk. Anyways, we all had fun and Sam also had fun playing volleyball.
Before Sam is done with volleyball, Heaven and I run up the road (in the truck) to Sonic and I get her a wacky pac and I get a milkshake for me and Samantha, then we go back to pick her up. Well, tonight while waiting at Sonic for the food and MS's, Wayne calls and ask where the extra flash-light is because there was a big black snake in one of the pheasants pens.....by the time he got to them the snake had already killed one and then the snake had to go. I hate it when we have to kill black snakes but when they are eating any profits that you can make....they have gone to far.      Anyways...........
Heavens BP was good tonight 106/65 but she certainly is a tired little puppy and is going to bed to get her some rest. Sam is waiting in the rocker for the computer so she can stay up for a couple more hours watching netflix. lol. She is on some B-12 time released vitamins and she claims it kicks in more at night and therefor she can't go to sleep.
I will post a few pool pics tomorrow as to the fact that I can't get them to load tonight for some reason. Blessing to all and may God bless you accordingly. Thank you Jesus for all you many blessings.

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